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Laser for scars

If there is something that fills us with joy is the use of laser for all our plastic surgery patients, we know that this is a topic that constantly worries them, that's why from now on, no matter what surgery you have, you will be entitled to a laser session to help your healing process.

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laser session:

This session helps your healing process to be the best and to prevent the formation of keloids, you can schedule it once your scar is completely closed, about 2 to 3 months after your surgery.


Laser Facial Rejuvenation: Skin Renewal
Vaginal Rejuvenation: Vaginal Canal Tightening - Incontinence
Moles Removal
Mole Removal

How does it work?

The process is very simple and generates very little discomfort, you arrive at the office, we apply a little topical anesthesia, we wait about 15 minutes and then proceed with the use of the laser, in a matter of 2 minutes the application is done.Recomendaciones despues del laser: Moisturize well the area where the application was performed Under no circumstances expose yourself to the sun, risk that your scar take a dark color Do not use micropore on the scar, until it is completely healthy After the application will produce a few dots, which will be healing and should fall off alone.

Do not scratch These sessions should be performed every 20 days, the number of sessions depends on each patient between 4 and 8 sessions, laser treatment for scars offers several notable benefits, especially in terms of improving the appearance and texture of the skin and different types of scars, whether surgical, accidents or acne problems. Collagen, texture and color regenerator, improves the epidermis and dermis of the skin, since its heat effect stimulates collagen and helps restore tissues. Topical anesthesia and 4 or 5 sessions are required to see results. As skin recovers after laser treatment, results gradually improve over time, providing a natural appearance

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