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Dr andrés barrera van hissenhoven


It is a procedure that is indicated to treat the vaginal canal that has lost firmness for different reasons, such as pregnancy.
Painless, completely outpatient and without surgery, the use of laser allows the muscles in this area to contract, tone and last over time.


How does it work?

There are 5 sessions that bring multiple benefits to our patients, in which in addition to achieving this toning effect, it also treats and prevents mild to moderate urinary incontinence.
Labia minora:
These can increase in size as a result of pregnancies; with the laser we can also achieve a tightening effect in this area. The duration of each session is 30 minutes, its recovery time is 5 days.
You can have sexual relations from the 20th day onwards and 5 sessions are required, one each month.
It is recommended to perform a results maintenance session every 6 months.

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